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Iceland Everest Expedition 2011



Charity of theYear

Iceland has pledged to raise at least £1 million to support research into early-onset Alzheimer’s disease by Professor Nick Fox and his team at UCL Institute of Neurology in London. Funds exceeding this target will go to further key research into early-onset dementia through Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Professor Fox explains the difference that this can make:

proffoxDementia is one of the biggest and most feared epidemics of our time. There are already around 800,000 people in the UK suffering from dementia, a figure that will soon rise to over a million, with 163,000 new cases being diagnosed in England and Wales each year. A recent survey by Alzheimer’s Research UK found that British people dread the prospect of dementia more than cancer and death itself. Virtually everyone in the UK will have already been touched by dementia in some way, with some 25 million people currently having a family member or close friend affected.

Almost a quarter of all the people we know and love will develop Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common cause of dementia. Yet dementia research continues to receive only a tiny fraction of the funding provided by both Government and charities for research into cancer or heart disease. And most of the support and research that is currently undertaken is directed at the more common late onset version of the disease.

Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease is a particularly cruel affliction. It can affect people as young as 40: otherwise fit and healthy, typically with jobs and young families, perhaps also with responsibility for caring for an elderly parent. Research into early-onset Alzheimer’s is particularly important not just because of the exceptional burden that it imposes on sufferers and their families, but also because it gives us the opportunity to look at people who are suffering only from Alzheimer’s disease, rather than the multiple diseases and conditions typically associated with old age. So by focusing on early-onset Alzheimer’s, we may be able to unlock secrets that will ultimately benefit all sufferers from the disease.

The promise of £1 million from Iceland will make a massive difference to our ability to pursue a cure for early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. It will allow us to seize opportunities and pursue avenues of research as soon as an idea arises, rather than waiting for many months while we pursue grant applications. And, by allowing us to undertake small pilot projects and get preliminary results quickly, it should also help us to leverage other sources of funding where it is appropriate to turn these into larger trials.

I am hugely grateful to Malcolm and Richard Walker for dedicating the Iceland Everest Expedition to raising money to support our work, and I hope you will join me in sponsoring their climb. I wish them every success.

Nick Fox

Please, please show your support for the Iceland Everest Expedition by giving generously to our Charity of the year, Alzheimer's Research UK to help Professor Fox and his team understand the causes and ultimately find a cure for early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Every penny of the first £1 million that we raise will go directly to support Professor Fox’s work through Alzheimer’s Research UK.  Funds exceeding this target will go to further key research into early-onset dementia, also through Alzheimer’s Research UK.

There are several ways that you can donate to our Charity of the Year. You can make a donation quickly and simply online by clicking the link below to our page at


You can send a cheque made payable to Alzheimer's Research UK to The Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation, Second Avenue, Deeside Industrial Park, Deeside, Flintshire CH5 2NW. If you are a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your gift at no cost to yourself by downloading and completing a Gift Aid form and enclosing it with your cheque. 

Or you can text ICELAND to 70303 to donate £3 to support the Iceland Everest Expedition and Alzheimer’s Research UK*.

* Every £3 donation gives £2.67 to ARUK.  Texts should only be sent with the bill payer's permission.


See Who Has Donated

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  1. £1000 -  Anthony Preston
    Wishing you, Richard and the Expedition Team the very best of luck!

    £100 - Bywater Properties
    Great endeavour, great cause too.  Very best wishes.

    £1000 - Barker Foundation / Copley Square Ltd

    £500 - WM Morrison Supermarkets plc

    £20 - Mason Owen
    wishing you all the very best on Everest

    £1000 - J.Sykes & Sons Ltd
    Please send my best wishes to Malcolm and wish him every success.  It will be interesting to find out at what temperature alcohol freezes!

    £75 - Field Initiatives

    £1000 - Robert Wiseman & Sons Ltd

    £230 - House of Westphalia Ltd

    £200 - Symington's Ltd
    Wishing Malcolm all the ver best in this worthwhile cause.

    £1000 - Dunbia (Northern Ireland)
    I am certain Malcolm will climb at the very least the minimum 23,000ft he has set out to achieve and would ask if possible that you send him our best wishes.

    £500 - Rectella International Limited

    £200 - Soleco UK Limited

    £1000 - Halewood International Ltd

    £50 - P A & M H Jones

    £10000 - Mr Tarsem Dhali

    £25 - C. Hoare & Co
    Congratulations on the climb, please accept this small donation towards your target.

    £100 - Mr E G & Mrs M J Bailey

    £500 - Ballygarvey Eggs Limited

    £1000 - McBurney Refrigeration Ltd
    Please pass on our congratulations and we wish you well in your fundraising efforts.

    £100 - Colour Solutions
    I am more than happy to support this worthy cause and help you towards your £1 million pounds target.

    £20 - G A Busk
    I nursed my darling wife through 5 years of Alzheimers.  I lost her at Christmas.  Good luck & best wishes.Gerald.

    £10 - J L Woodall

    £500 - Dr Oetker (UK) Limited
    I cannot imagine how difficult this must be, I am sure Malcolm's efforts will raise much needed support for the alzheimer's research project.

    £500 - Frederick's Dairies Ltd

    £200 - Lockwoods Ltd

    We think that what Malcolm Walker has achieved is remarkable and truly hope that the target of £1million is reached.

    £300 - RA Retail Associates Ltd

    £2000 - Hill Dickinson LLP

    £1000 - Halliwell Jones Warrington Ltd
    I was genuinely thrilled to hear of the successful ascent of the North Col of Everest by both Malcolm Walker and his son Richard.  This was clearly a supremely difficult task to undertake and to be completed by a father with his son must have been exceptionally exhilarating whilst at the same time a very dangerous challenge; they are indeed to be congratulated.

    £100 - Bond Retail Services Ltd

    £1000 - WR Refrigeration Limited
    I hope you achieve your £1 million target during the next 12 months to  help Alzheimer's disease

    £500 - The Allen & Overy Foundation

    £250 - GD Knighton Esq & Mrs N C Knighton

    £250 - A M & L J Ballheimer

    £500 - Griffin & Brand (European) Ltd

    £500 - J M Pearson

    £500 - Norman K Stoller & mrs Sheila M Stoller

    £4000 - Charles Holroyd

    £1000 - World Presidents Organization

    £5000 - Warburtons Ltd
    Congratulations on returning safely from Everest, and for getting up to the North col.

    £250 - Mr R E Eglin Esq

    £500 - Loge du Tisser
    Brilliant achievement, brilliant charity.

    £50 - 2nd Alnwick (St. James) Guides

    £250 - Rhos Male Voice Choir
    Congratulations on your Everest expendition.  It must have been a wonderful experience.

    £40000 - Mr M C & Mrs N R Walker

    I am enormously grateful to the many people who have already donated to our Charity of the Year, Alzheimer's Research UK, whether through or offline by cheque or text.   Now that we have conquered Everest, we need to put all our efforts to topping our £1 million target for this great cause.  I am 100% sure that we will get there, not least because our stores will do what they always do during our charity week in August, and pull out all the stops. In the meantime I'm making a donation of my own and hope that I can persuade those that can afford it to write out even bigger cheques.

    £2000 - Thomas Tunnock Ltd
    I am pleased to enclose this wee cheque, which I hope will spur Malcolm on.

    £10 - Tall Trees
    I have always admired your philanthropic approach to your business and your life, and am pleased to be able to make this small gesture to such a good cause.

    £500 - Best Companies Limited
    Many congratulations on your huge achievement of climbing Everest and reaching 23,030 feet.

    £25 - Brindley Metals Limited

    £100 - Petty Wood & Co Limited

    £25 - CAF - Derek Wilkinson
    Hi Malcolm, really impressed by your fantastic achievement!

    £500 - Divisional MD, DHL Food Retail

    £250 - Intersperience Research Ltd

    £20 - Hutchinson's Carpets

    £6000 - Mrs Kirkham

    £77 - M & P Jingree Ltd

    £900.62 - Mike Truelove for the Roxy's fundraising

    £350 - Isopryre Ltd

    £10000 - Countywide Developments Ltd