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fine dining at 29,000 feet...
Once in a Lifetime…
… something amazing happens. The team at Loxtonfoodco are delighted
to announce one of the biggest adventures in the history of our company.

Iceland’s founder and CEO Malcolm Walker together with his son Richard are planning to
follow the intrepid explorer, Sir Edmund Hillary’s footsteps for charity - the only difference
being that, their food supplies will be coming from Loxtonfoodco and the family of
restaurants owned by Individual Restaurant Company.

Malcolm challenged the executive chefs at Restaurant Bar & Grill and Piccolino to recreate
some of his favourites to his exacting standards. The meals have been cooked Sous-Vide
by Loxtonfoodco to ensure the consistency, quality and most importantly safety
throughout the gruelling trip.

The team's shopping basket of favourite delicacies won’t be coming from
Fortnum & Mason (as Sir Edmund’s did), but instead from the Restaurant Bar
& Grill and Piccolino restaurants and includes Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, fine
wines and San Daniele Parma ham. These will be ensuring that home-from-home
experience at 29,000ft.

He is so impressed with the food, that Malcolm has hired top chef Chris Bates
(Loxtonfoodco) to be his personal chef throughout the expedition.

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